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Dr. James Saeli

Dr. James Saeli

Dr Saeli is a graduate of St. John Fisher College (Rochester, NY) and of Logan College of Chiropractic (St. Louis, MO).  Upon graduation with his doctorate in 1992, he joined University Chiropractic in Durham. He established Community Chiropractic in Garner, NC in 1995 and served the health needs of that community.  


In 2014, Dr. Saeli established Carolina Head & Spine Clinic of Chiropractic, providing general chiropractic care with an emphasis on treatment of headache and migraine. Leaving that practice in the hands of a colleague, Dr Saeli and his wife, Tessa, moved to Elkin in 2019 to follow God’s calling to establish Beth EL Wellness & Chiropractic in this tri-county region.

They are driven by a passion to restore both health and hope in people.  Having an extremely successful track record of helping people regain their health, whether new or acute onset, or chronic and/or worsening health conditions.

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